Scientific Research at WMI

As important to WMI as the versatility of our software products and responsiveness of customer service is the high quality of our scientific research. WMI is active in an number of areas of materials research including renewable energy and energy storage, nanomaterials, ionic liquids, energetic materials and polymers. Our multiscale computational tools range from DFT methods to molecular dynamics techiques to continuum methods such as Material Point Method (MPM). The links on this page provide some highlights of WMI's research, a partial list of our prior and current research projects, a partial list of the user community for our products, and a biolography of our scientific publications.

There are a number of mechanisms available for carrying out scientific research in collaboration with WMI or for engaging our research services. If you are interested in the possibility of a joint research or business project with WMI, please check out the partnership and collaboration opportunities link. We encourage those interested in having us conduct materials research, carry out methods development, or perform force field development customized to your needs to check out the consulting link.