gGraph®: flexible and powerful scientific graphing software available through WMI

The demonstration version of gGraph® for evaluation purposes only is available at gGraph®1.0 download

Full functionality and use is obtained by purchasing a machine-specific perpentual license from WMI. The license, valid for all gGraph®1.X releases, can be obtained by sending, through PayPal® to the following:

US$10 payment for the license
The complete description of an ethernet adaptor on the host machine, e.g., Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller
The MAC (physcial) address of the controller (e.g., F0-CD-93-DA-30-6A)
These can be obtained by typing ipconfig/all on a command line (type cmd is the search programs and files box). A license well be sent by email within 24 hours (usually much less).