Obtaining support for and help with WMI-MD®

WMI provides WMI-MD®, an efficient and robust MD simulation package that implements APPLE&P®, free of charge as a service to the molecular and materials simulation communities. WMI retains all rights associated with WMI-MD® and its documentation, and provides these services without warranty or guarantee. Users assume all responsiblity associated with use of these products.

Because WMI-MD® is provided free of charge, there is no free support for this product provided by WMI. Support can be obtained through a support contract if desired. Note that non-Academic purchases of APPLE&P® come with five hours of consultation which can be utilized all or in part for implementation of WMI-MD® if desired. WMI is also interested in partnerships and collaborative research with academic, government and business entities interested in the capabilities of APPLE&P®, WMI-MD® and our research expertise.