Obtaining support for and help with APPLE&P®

WMI strives to provide high-quality customer service for all software products. For inquiries regarding implementation, use of, and extension of APPLE&P®, we first refer users to on-line documentation.

We will address all inquiries regarding APPLE&P® sent to support@wasatchmolecular.com as quickly as possible. Straightforward inquiries or those that address possible errors in the force field will be addressed free of charge.

More in-depth inquiries (e.g., those involving system set-up, force field extension and force field implementation) may require establishment of a support agreement. All non-Academic purchases of APPLE&P® include five hours of consultation, which can be utilized by contacting us at support@wasatchmolecular.com. WMI will provide custom extension of APPLE&P® through an appropriate consulting agreement. Inquiries can be addressed to support@wasatchmolecular.com or (801) 746-9258.

Note that WMI-MD®, an efficient, robust molecular dynamics simulation package that implements APPLE&P®, is available free of charge. However, WMI provides support of WMI-MD® only through support agreements.